Captured By Vision Insight 039 By George Bullard

We write the vision we have experienced to create a consistent historic and dynamic record of the vision to share with the congregation and others.

When writing your statement of vision use clear and decisive words that fit the culture of the congregation and its community context. You want people who read it to say, “Yes, this is it!”

They also should think of an experiential story of their own that fits with the statement. They may also develop their own paraphrased interpretation that fits into their congregational vision experience.

Some years ago, I helped a large regional denomination develop a new visionary movement for its service with congregations. It was called Empowering Kingdom Growth. We waited a while to write a statement that communicated our vision. Eventually we said it was time to put it in words to communicate with our affiliated congregations. A few months later we revised it slightly to more clearly state our intent and passion. After that it remained untouched for seven years.

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