Captured By Vision Insight 027 By George Bullard

Pastors not passionate about God’s empowering vision for their congregation are likely to become known as “former pastor.”

If there is a mismatch between what the congregation expects in leadership from the pastor, and the pastor’s performance in that area, then “former pastor” may be his or her new title.

This issue is substantially different than situations where congregations expect their pastor to bring vision and push it out to the congregation. This is about congregations where there is a true, deep, and genuine desire for God’s empowering vision, but they need their pastor to lead them to embrace it by being the CCO (chief casting officer).

Either the pastor refuses or the pastor is among the 80 percent or more of pastors who do not get it about vision and their role in casting it. Vision casting is not taught in many seminaries, and it does not come naturally to many pastors.

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