Captured By Vision Insight 020 By George Bullard

God offers transformative vision. Too often our possessions, deference to other people, and pride blind us as we are only open to transactional vision.

To be captured by God’s empowering vision is a paradigm shift. When such a shift occurs then everything goes back to zero. The transformative vision God offers congregations requires the re-evaluation of everything congregations do in light of the new vision.

When our church buildings, our unwillingness to take a stand for where God is leading us, and the pride we feel in our heritage conflict with God’s transformative vision, too many congregations reject God’s empowering vision. They want change they can see and immediately measure. That is a transactional vision. God’s transformational vision is unseen and long-term.

Consider what you have always thought was the content of vision. Numerical growth? New or renovated buildings? A larger staff? The success of programs? If these are not the signs of vision fulfillment, then what are the signs? Pray for a deeper willingness for God to be the source of vision, and what that means about your responsibility to be part of a community of people—a congregation—with vision.

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