Captured By Vision Insight 013 By George Bullard

Do not confuse our eternal mission, your everlasting purpose, and your enduring core values with God’s empowering vision.

These are distinctive aspects of the spiritual and strategy journey of a congregation. Our eternal mission is God’s mission that we most commonly know through the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Mark 16:15 and Mark 12:22, coupled with Luke 4:18-19 are for many people the best biblical representations of the Commission and the Commandment of God.

Congregations sometimes use “mission” as the branding statement that expresses their generic understanding of what a Christian congregation should be doing. One example is a congregation with whom I consulted who branded what they did as “Loving God, Loving People, and Loving the World.” There was nothing specific and contextual about this mission statement. It simply branded their identity and annual program of ministry.

Purpose speaks to the historic reason why a given congregation was launched in a particular location among a particular group of people. Enduring core values speak into key theological, ethical, and cultural values that are closely held by a congregation.

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