A Lifetime Campaign

Serving in Christian ministry is like engaging in a lifetime campaign for a political office. There is seldom a day when a person in ministry isn’t seeking to “affirm” someone that is challenging to affirm, “promote” something that people really are not all that interested in attending, or “endorse” someone’s idea for what the church ought to do when it really is not that good of an idea.

But, also in the middle of this word pattern is the word “love” and that represents a key message and atmosphere people serving in Christian ministry are trying to convince people to do in response to and accept from our Triune God.

In this word pattern is the word “give” and to people in Christian ministry it is typical for the first concepts that pass through their minds to be generosity, stewardship, and tithing. Yet, while they know that giving is so much more than that, it is a constant issue which they must address.

Further, in this word pattern is “appreciation.” You know that word by now if you have been reading these posts. It is simple. Just go express appreciation to those who serve you through Christian ministry.

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Kyndra Bremer