What is an Awesome Minister?

“We serve an awesome God” is a phrase often heard around church worship services. Yes, we are in awe and praise of our Triune God. It is not fear, but it is a respect for God as holy and worthy of worship.

So, what is an awesome minister? Such a minister is not God or anywhere close to God. Is it one who is super spiritual? Is it one who excites you with many things they do? Is it one who drops everything they are doing to serve your need in times of crisis? Is it one who gives clear evidence that they are growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior?

Perhaps it is one you respect. They serve with faithfulness, effectiveness, and innovation. They surprise you with their attitude of grace towards all people. They show not only that they love people who are far from Jesus, but that they love everyone connected with the congregation even if they are hard to love.

Take time to tell your awesome minister this month – and every month – that you think they are awesome.

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer