October is Minister Appreciation Month

Are you ready? October 1st – 31st is Minister Appreciation Month. Use this month to express appreciation for the ministers in your local church and denomination. This is not just about church pastors. It is all the staff of your church and denomination who serve in a ministry role.

Also, thank those who serve in other ministry settings such as chaplains, evangelists, community ministries, teachers/professors, consultants, coaches, etc. Further, thank active and retired ministers for their Christian service among us. There is no higher calling than serving God’s people spiritually, physically, and emotionally with great compassion and love.

Look for daily posts — where you found this post — that will highlight various perspectives — some serious and some humorous — about ministers.

What is the plan in your congregation for showing appreciation to your ministers during this month? If there is no plan, you are hereby commissioned to talk with the appropriate leaders in your congregation about how this month or some other time during the year your congregation will show appreciation for those who minister among you.

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Kyndra Bremer