Volunteerism vs. Recruitment

Among the things that have changed over the decades about church life is how people volunteer. When church was the priority for families/households outside of typical work and home responsibilities, people would readily volunteer to do whatever they could to help their church be vital and vibrant. They saw it as their duty. As their service. As their obedience to the Lord.

In the last several decades as church life has become less a priority in too many Christian homes, how volunteerism works has also changed. Too many people are looking for ways to have less volunteer roles in church rather than more. They sit on their hands rather than raising their hands. They less often freely volunteer and now wait to see if they get asked.

By volunteering less, church members are adding another job to their minsters. It is the job of recruiter. Rather than rushing forward to volunteer, many church members not only wait to be asked, they want to be asked, and must be asked or they won’t serve.

During this Minister Appreciation Month, and maybe every month from here forward, surprise the ministers among you and volunteer for those things you know God would have you do in your church.

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer