The Bullard Journal for May 28, 2019

“A Call to Prayer”: Pray for the open doors God has given CMBA this week. Would you join me in praying this week about various conversations that will take place that include the following: 1. Prayer for the future use of an historic church building where the congregation has ceased to gather for worship, discipleship, and fellowship. 2. Prayer for a congregation who feels led to extend its ministry through adopting multiple congregations. 3. Prayer for a congregation where the pastor is asking for them to be adopted.

4. Prayer for two congregations who feel God is calling for them to merge, but who may need a third congregation to join their effort to make it happen. 5. Prayer for the leaders of various ethnic fellowship in the Midlands who will meet with some of the leaders of CMBA congregations to have a holy conversation about ministry efforts between these internationals and immigrants and these congregations.

What are other open doors you see happening this week for which we all need to be praying?

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Kyndra Bremer