The Bullard Journal for May 26, 2019

“A Family Story”: Today St. Andrews Baptist Church will ordain Lisa Dempsey as a Baptist minister serving in a role as a chaplain – currently with PRISMA Health. The ordination council was held on Saturday with ten people serving on the ordination council. Lisa expressed a wonderful spirit of Christ, an obvious spiritual call to ordained ministry, and a strong, positive conviction about the spiritual and emotional care of individuals and their supporting family and friend in the healthcare system.

She has a background as a nurse and realized the care of patients beyond her role as a nurse was what God’s Holy Spirit was nudging in her life. She has pursued theological education, obtained degrees, and is even now working on her doctorate.

We celebrate with St. Andrews her ordination and promise to hold Lisa up in our prayers as she takes the next steps in ministry.

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Kyndra Bremer