The Bullard Journal for May 23, 2019

“An Answered Prayer”: During our Vision Day this week, First Impressions Cheerleader Mary Ann Sibley said “Parking cars is not parking cars. It is a ministry.” She then went on to tell a story about four men handling the parking of cars in a remote location for a suburban church. They noticed that a first-time guest – a woman – had a tire that was about flat. As they pointed it out to her, they realized she was pregnant, and she started crying.

Her husband was in the military deployed to Afghanistan. She was seeking out a church for support. They offered to fix her flat tire while she was in church. She agreed and gave them her keys. They opened her truck and found that the spare was also flat.

They realized they needed to go buy her a tire. They went to a store that was open, told their story, and the store gave them the tire without charge. They installed the new tire and waiting for the woman to return from worship with such a grateful heart. For the four men this was a “high five” movement. For the woman this was an answered prayer.

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Kyndra Bremer