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Covenant Congregational Pilgrimage

Our One Priority is to start and strengthen congregational expressions to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities. As churches evaluate vitality and vibrancy, it’s important to consider where it falls within the congregational life cycle – as a congregational planting, potential thriving congregation, thriving congregation, potential rethriving congregation or an unthriving congregation. Each of […]

People of Passion vs. People of Position

Download: Top Ten People of Passion Some years ago, when consulting with various sizes and shapes of congregations, I realized we were pulling together the wrong group of people to help congregations anticipate their future based upon an emerging understanding of God’s empowering vision. We were pulling together the people who held certain positions of […]

Chart of Ten “R”s for Plotting a New Congregational Course

Radical Transitions and Changes When Congregations Fully Surrender to God’s Empowering Vision Download the chart: The Ten Rs Chart, 05.14.18 Tuesday, May 15th at the Vision Tuesday gathering The Ten “R”s Chart was introduced. It covers ten choices for congregations who are more than a generation old and likely have been plateaued and declining for some […]

Redirection — Changing the Focus of Your Congregation

One of the Ten “R”s for Plotting a New Congregational Course Download this post and make copies for use in your congregation:  Redirection, Changing the Focus of Your Congregation, 05.08.18 Edition Redirection is one of at least ten choices available to congregations who need to engage in transitions and changes that could lead to transformation as […]