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What is Your Congregation’s Future Story of Missional Ministry?

What is Your Congregation’s Future Story of Missional Ministry?Download During the past ten months, CMBA had engaged in two phases of the Denominee process. This is jointly funded by our association, our state convention, and the North American Mission Board. The purpose is to help associations close the value gap between how they function and […]

Disciplemaking is About Moving Your Feet

Disciplemaking is About Moving Your FeetDownload St. Andrews Baptist Church – not unlike many churches in our association – is striving to define and act on the difference between in-depth knowledge about discipleship and proactive efforts to engage in disciplemaking. Sound familiar? It should. It is the number one struggle mentioned by pastors when considering […]

George Bullard: A Ministry Legacy

As CMBA celebrates the retirement of CMBA Executive Director George Bullard on June 30, 2022, readers are invited to explore his ministry legacy which spans service in the local church, denominational work at the state and national levels, and involvement in international missions development. George recently shared his reminiscences and lessons learned in the years […]

Biblical Encouragement for Congregational Revitalization

Biblical Encouragement for Congregational RevitalizationDownload Does the Bible support congregational revitalization? Yes. Various passages support the need for people, families, tribes, and congregations to engage in renewal of their commitment to God, and to be on a dynamic journey as they seek to follow God’s leading. Here are biblical references I find useful in talking […]

VLC Member Spotlight: Clerk Cookie Adams

Cookie Adams, member of Kilbourne Park Baptist Church, serves CMBA as the 2022 Clerk. In this role she also serves on the Visionary Leadership Community (VLC) which meets almost monthly to conduct CMBA business and share ministry updates from our Family of Church across the Midlands. A native of Kingstree, Cookie was born Cora Baker […]

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