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Insight 344: FaithSoaring Churches Do Not Slip Into an Internal Focus

Congregations seeking to transform realize a natural tendency is to incrementally slip into an internal focus and away from an external focus. The desire to be missional is strong, but the desire to huddle with people with whom they have had a deep relationship is stronger. Congregations may have a short-term crescendo of missional engagement […]

Insight 342: FaithSoaring Churches Address Multiple Perspectives

Congregations seeking to transform are often composed of people with multiple perspectives. At the core may be differing theologies as people come to the congregation from various denominational backgrounds and special interest groups from within their denomination. People bring to the congregation differing political views that emphasize the need for the separation of church and […]

Insight 341: FaithSoaring Churches Address Multiple Affiliations

Congregations seeking to transform may have multiple affiliations. They are not always affiliated with just one denomination as they seek to address the diversity and complexity of ministry particularly in urban areas. They may also be affiliated with various parachurch organizations who provide inspiration, collaboration, and resources. Community-based organizations are also an important part of […]

Insight 340: FaithSoaring Churches Address Multiple Cultures

Congregations seeking to transform must be aware of their community context and be relevant to it. If there are multiple cultures within their context, they may have a missional imperative to address directly or in collaboration with others the spiritual needs of these cultures. Being multi-cultural differs from being multi-ethnic. Multi-cultural means the ability to […]