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Insight 325: FaithSoaring Churches Figure Out Why People Do Not Leave, Part One

Congregations seeking to transform are not only concerned about people who leave the congregation and people who stay with the congregation for great reasons. They are also concerned about people who stay with the congregation for dysfunctional reasons. These people often have a negative influence, and while in one sense it might be better if […]

Insight 321: FaithSoaring Churches Figure Out Positive Reasons People Stay

Congregations seeking to transform work on figuring out the healthy, positive reasons why people stay in their congregation. They want to know what adds value to the congregational experience for their participants so they can affirm and build on these healthy and positive characteristics. They particularly want to affirm those characteristics that also seem to […]

Insight 320: FaithSoaring Churches Figure Out Why People Stay, Not Just Why People Leave

Congregations seeking to transform discover why people stay and are active in their congregation. They are as concerned about this as they are about why people leave. They see people leaving and become appropriately anxious, but not overly anxious. They know that many articles are being written on why people leave. Particularly we are in […]

Insight 318: FaithSoaring Churches Move Forward Even When It Seems Too Tough

Congregations seeking to transform do not give up when the journey forward is tough, has mandatory detours, or experiences too many pot holes. Efforts to engage in transitions and changes are going to escalate conflict. Uncertainty arises when the direction and actions of the congregation go to places where the congregation has not been before. […]

Insight 317: FaithSoaring Churches Willingly Embrace the Contrarian

Congregations seeking to transform do not demand blind loyalty. While they appropriately oppose unfounded opposition, this does not mean they oppose the loyal opposition of the contrarian. They know they need to hear the voices of diversity because it can in the long-term be a stronger and more effective approach than shallow harmony. Failing to […]

Insight 316: FaithSoaring Churches Choose the Narrow Path

Congregations seeking to transform resist the temptation to emulate the success of other congregations, the desire to compete with other congregations who are successful in the same community context, and the easy pathway of embracing an organization’s understanding of what a transformed congregation looks like. Instead they seek to be exactly what it is that […]

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