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Resources CMBA Offers Congregations

Today we had the first session on the Resources CMBA Offers Congregations. Here is the link to watch the video:  https://columbiametro.org/cmba-congregation-resources/. Here are the topics and the presenters for Part One plus how to get hold of them to ask questions or to request services. Topics: First – ReLaunching and ReOpening Strategies for Disruptive Innovation […]

Empowering Congregations is the Key Service to Churches

Our One Priority in CMBA is Starting and Strengthening Congregations to Serve as Vital and Vibrant Missional Communities. To fulfill Our One Priority a team of mobilizers is available to our family of congregations in the Midlands of South Carolina. The overarching strategy is called Empowering Congregations. It includes strategies for Starting Congregations, Strengthening Congregations, […]

Midtown Fellowship: Two Notch—A Church Plant in the Inner City to Reach into Poverty

Midtown Fellowship’s downtown Columbia church plant began in 2007 with a Sunday worship gathering and intentional Life Groups to primarily express its vision to share Jesus with 100,000 people within a 5-mile radius of the South Carolina state capital. Though a believer since middle school, one of those drawn to Midtown’s vision was Antony “Ant” […]

Insight 364: FaithSoaring Churches Acknowledge When it is Not Working

Congregations seeking to transform need to face the reality that not all congregations will successfully transform. In fact, only a minority of existing congregations ever transform in a manner that is sustainable. The majority has short-term fixes that allow them to continue to exist, but does not truly transform them. Congregations seeking to transform need […]

Insight 363: FaithSoaring Churches Acknowledge Numerical Growth is Not the Goal

Congregations seeking to transform typically want to grow. This is a reasonable thought. However, to truly transform it may be necessary to acknowledge that growth is not the goal. Being transformed, being FaithSoaring in response to God’s vision for the congregation is the goal. Numerical growth may be a happy consequence of a sincere transformation […]

Insight 362: FaithSoaring Churches Provide Coaching for Staff

Congregations seeking to transform want their senior or solo pastor, and any other staff, to have an objective perspective about their transformation journey. It can, indeed, be a difficult journey where a subjective perspective only can cause the pastor and staff to lose their way along the journey. Obtaining this objective perspective can be accomplished […]