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Insight 034: FaithSoaring Churches Affirm Significant Collaboration Among Leadership Groups

FaithSoaring congregations make the best use of their people resources. Too often committees in congregations function in isolation from one another. They appear as silos rather than as an integrative network of teams or leadership communities. As such they are inefficient and at times stumbling blocks to any forward progress. It is not coordination that […]

Insight 033: FaithSoaring Churches Reaffirm Their Church is God’s Church

It may seem like a no-brainer that every congregation is God’s Church. This is not always true from the perception of congregational participants. They often refer to the congregation as being their congregation. Therefore, future choices need to follow the guidelines of how their church is intended to operate. This becomes a significant challenge when […]

Insight 032: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Vision Plus Intentionality

FaithSoaring Churches are about three words. Vision Plus Intentionality. That is it. Saying these words is really very simple. Living into these words is a mountain few can climb, and a summit that eludes many congregations. Vision is about a clear sense of God’s spiritual and strategic direction for your congregation. Intentionality is about aligning […]

Insight 030: FaithSoaring Churches May Refocus on Their Neighborhood or Community

Many congregations lose touch with their community context. This does not happen suddenly. It is a gradual transition. The congregation is successful enough and comfortable enough that it does not sufficiently notice the geographical context slipping away from it. Such congregations must rediscover their context. They must reposition themselves psychologically and strategically as a new […]

Insight 028: FaithSoaring Churches May Relocate to a More Promising Location

The location of a congregation can create tremendous barriers to vitality. This occurs when the land uses around the facilities change from residential to commercial or industrial. This can also occur when the demographics of the context changes faster than the congregation can adapt. Unfortunately, there are also times the congregation chooses not to adapt […]