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Insight 052: FaithSoaring Churches Enhance Their Conflict Capacity

FaithSoaring Churches engage in transitions and changes. There is no way to avoid this. Congregations cannot move forward without them. Transitions and changes inevitably raise the intensity of conflict in congregations. It is a “ready or not, here I come” experience. If congregations do not have the capacity to handle conflict, then their conflict is […]

Insight 049: FaithSoaring Churches are More Than Just Faithful

Mediocre congregations believe it is sufficient to be faithful. Good enough is good enough for them. Visible progress is not the goal. Successful congregations realize they must not only be faithful, but they must also be effective. They must be able to show progress and continual improvement in fulfillment of God’s vision for their congregation. […]

Insight 047: FaithSoaring Churches Yield to Outside Authority

Some congregations need a radical transformation. Anything less will be insufficient. Few congregations can engage in a radical transformation without giving authority over to an outside third-party with the wisdom to focus the congregation on effective actions for transformation, and the authority to compel the congregation to act. Congregations in need of radical transformation have […]