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Insight 013: FaithSoaring Churches Embrace Their Age Demographics as a Beginning Point

The longer a congregation is in existence the greater the tendency for the average age in the congregation to be older. Few congregations incrementally adjust their strategy and style to continually reach the next generations. The clear majority create a gap between their patterns of doing church, and the patterns of church sought by the […]

Insight 012: FaithSoaring Churches are Flavored by Deep Relationships

Three relationships are of great importance in congregations seeking to transform. First is a deepening spiritual relationship with the Triune God through personal and community worship. Second is a deepening relationship within the community of believers. Third is an active relationship with the people of the context where the congregation serves. This can be a […]

Insight 008: FaithSoaring Churches Start with People Rather Than Programs

Guess what? The program-driven congregation in North America started dying in the 1970s. It was replaced with the process-driven congregation. The program-driven congregation was about producing successful programs using–even abusing–people as the currency of success. The process-driven congregation is about empowering people along their disciplemaking journey. The measurement of success is the significance of their […]

Insight 007: FaithSoaring Churches Have a Deep Commitment to Missional Engagement

Congregations who transform understand the highest priority is the mission of God and not the mission of their congregational survival. They understand the greatest value is being received by those to whom we are sent, rather than an over focus on themselves. They realize they must see beyond themselves to those who need the unconditional […]

Insight 006: FaithSoaring Churches Have a Deep Commitment to Disciplemaking

Congregations cannot transform with shallow Christians or overly churched culture Christians who are stuck in place with their spiritual formation. Congregations cannot transform with church members who believe they have arrived in their spiritual journey and do not need to continue their spiritual formation as disciples. Congregations can only transform with church members who believe […]