CMBA Prayer Network eNews — March 17, 2020

Tuesday March 17, 2020

Our One Priority CMBA Prayer Network Requests

Please pray for the following requests. Also, share these prayer requests with others in your personal network that these situations might experience the power of many Baptist Christians praying for the opportunities and challenges they face.

1. The coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis is a call to prayer for all of us. May we pray for those who are sick along with those who minister to them — worldwide. May we mourn with those who are losing family and friends – worldwide. May we pray for the people who are scared in the midst of this crisis. May we pray for leaders everywhere who are seeking wisdom – and may they seek God’s wisdom – to know how to rapidly and effectively address this crisis. May we pray for people who are already losing their jobs – at least for a season – due to the economic stress.

2. During the COVID-19 crisis many (if not all for the next two weeks) of our churches will not be gathering for worship. In some ways this is a very frightening time. Coming together on a weekly basis to worship and praise our Triune God is for many an essential part of their spiritual lives and an act of obedience. Church pastors, staff, and leaders are scrambling to find ways to maintain contact with their congregations. In the midst of this crisis, God is opening many doors for innovative ministry churches have hesitated to engage in, but now find to be a necessity. Pray that church leaders will have the courage and wisdom to walk through these doors.

3. In the midst of every crisis are opportunities. May we pray for the new exchanges we can have with people who need to be blessed by the unconditional love of God through Jesus Christ. Many people will be more open to hear the Good News of Jesus during this time. May they experience the love of Jesus by how we show love towards them. What ministry can you engage in virtually or in real time and real presence during this crisis?

May we all “pray without ceasing” as written and shared with us in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

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Perhaps there is an opportunity or challenge in your CMBA church you would like to submit to be prayed for by this network. If so, simply send it in an e-mail to

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