Gaining Traction in a Dying Church – Columbia Metro Connection – Episode #021

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The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 family churches that support the ministry of the CMBA.  This week, we have a special sponsor in Bill Roop from Upstate Digital Sign Sales.

Hosts for this week’s episode are George Bullard, the Director of Missions, Strategic Leadership Coach and Lead Missiologist at Columbia Metro Baptist Association.  I’m Chris Reinolds, Certified Church Consultant & Lead Pastor a Killian Baptist Church. 

This week’s podcast we’re going to listen in as three pastors share their experience and method of gaining traction in a dying church.  Starting something new is difficult in most churches, but it is especially difficult in a church that has experienced a prolonged decline.  Let’s listen in as Bob Morgan, Daniel Schrall, and me, Chris Reinolds, share how we started gaining traction in our individual contexts.  

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Kyndra Bremer