One Priority Briefing for Congregational Leaders from George Bullard – Monday, August 2, 2021


A Family of Baptist Congregations in the Midlands of South Carolina

Our One Priority: Starting and Strengthening Churches to Serve as Vital and Vibrant Missional Communities.

A Sprint to the Finish Line – Serving Until the Last Day!

Watching the Olympics recently, I saw a qualifying race for the final medal race for the men’s 880-yard dash. The first four finishers would be in the final race. The runner who finished first in this qualifying race knew he had made the final race by several steps, so in the last ten yards he slowed down to almost a complete stop. I do not question his motive but confess it affected me.

As you certainly know by now, I have announced my retirement for June 30, 2022. That will be my fifth anniversary of service. When asked to accept this position, I said I would serve five to seven years. Five seems right for multiple reasons. But unlike the runner in the Olympics the other day, I choose to sprint to the finish line. There is a lot to do during the next 11 months. Several actions are underway currently.

I chose to announce my retirement a year ahead for several reasons. First, so that a search committee can take plenty of time to prayerfully consider the person God is calling to CMBA for the next season for this family of congregations. The process when I became director took nine months.

Second, to engage in The Denominee Journey led by the Future Church organization founded by Will Mancini. That process starts today – August 2nd – with a five-hour livestreaming session with Will’s team. I see this 18-month futuring process as a form of succession planning. I will be around for the first year, and the new director will be present for the last six months to flavor the outcome according to his spiritual call and leadership style.

Third, with the retirement of Cathy Locklear as our Impacting Communities Mobilizer after 22 years of service to CMBA congregations, we need to take some time to reassess this ministry and project next steps. We will replace Cathy with an interim to allow the next director to make a longer-term decision.

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Thursday, October 7 We Will Honor
Cathy Locklear on Her Retirement

Cathy Locklear is retiring on August 31, 2021, after 22 years as our Impacting Communities Mobilizer. We are waiting until our Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 7 at 6:00 p.m. to honor her with a reception. It will be at Cedar Creek Baptist Church, 1920 Cedar Creek Road in Blythewood. More information will follow.


CMBA staff and mobilizers are engaged with each of these congregations as part of our focus on new congregational expressions. Lead and assisting congregations in our family are encouraged to pray for and support the ministry of these congregations.

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