New Grant Available to Participating CMBA Member Churches

The Visionary Leadership Community (VLC) has voted to approve the new Our One Priority Congregational Grants available to CMBA member churches and network connection churches. The new grant guidelines will provide for modest financial resources to these congregations engaging in efforts consistent with the funds provided to CMBA for starting and strengthening churches. The grant monies come from the generous contributions of member churches and individuals and are being made available as part of the association’s vision of “starting and strengthening congregations to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.”

“I am excited we can offer these grants. We hope they will be used to stimulate Great Commission and Great Commandment efforts. We will rejoice when our congregations use these funds to thrive and soar with faith,” says Executive Director George Bullard.

The variety of missions and ministries for which CMBA member churches and network connection churches may now apply for these grants includes pastoral training or educational scholarships, replanting or starting new congregational expressions, lay leadership development, evangelism, or various community impact efforts such as hunger ministries. The typical individual grant amount is $500 with a maximum annual total of $1,200.

Applying churches should note that grants are approved by the VLC upon the recommendation of the Executive Director, and this group meets 10 times per year. All grants are to be used by the requesting church for the stated purpose, and churches are asked to report as to how the funds are used and their impact on missional efforts. Churches receiving grants may be contacted by the CMBA communications team to share stories of how God is at work through their missions and ministries.

Interested member churches and network connection churches should inquire by sending a request for information to Following a conversation, they will then be directed to the online application.

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Julia Bell