Connie Maxwell Offers Pilot on Foster Care to Three to Five CMBA Churches

On Tuesday, November 19th ( Noon to 1:30 p.m.) at North Trenholm Baptist Church in Columbia, Danny Nicholson, president of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, will speak at the Vision Day Lunch and Speaker on For the Dreams of Children – Leading Churches to Transform the Lives of Children and Families.

Register HERE. Vision Days are open to pastors, staff, and lay leaders.

Nicholson’s presentation will use the lens of foster care to reveal a comprehensive process of how your church and community can transform its thinking and actions to holistically minister to children and families in need.

As part of their strategic plan, Connie Maxwell will share a new, collaborative framework they will offer in the Columbia Metro Baptist Association for three to five churches to participate in a pilot project with the association and Connie Maxwell using the process of foster care to transform the lives of children.

Nicholson and others from Connie Maxwell Children’s Home will share their passion for transforming the lives of children and families for generations. In addition to an update on Connie Maxwell’s history and future, robust residential program, family care, and crisis care, they will use the process of foster care as one lens through which to see a holistic approach to ministry to children in your church and with families in your community.

Register HERE. Vision Days are open to pastors, staff, and lay leaders.

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Kyndra Bremer