CMBA Team Huddle Strives to Fulfill Our One Priority

To best serve Our One Priority which is to Start and Strengthen Congregations to Serve as Vital and Vibrant Missional Communities, CMBA has put together a group of ten people called the CMBA Team Huddle. Additionally, it has divided them into four squads based on some strengths assessments, spiritual calling, and skill and preference areas.

Here are the Huddle Members:

This group of ten people provides a full spectrum of services to congregations that are too many to mention in this newsletter. In the coming months, we will share in detail the services they offer that can help your church. In the meantime, always feel free to request whatever service your congregation needs by contacting them directly, sending a request to or by calling George Bullard at 803.622.0923.

Four Squads

The CMBA Team Huddle is divided into four Squads for work on various projects. The Blue Squad of Cathy, Locklear, Julia Bell, and Kyndra Bremer addresses foundational, ongoing relationships with congregations. Contacting one of them is a good starting point for your congregation. The Orange Squad of Andre Rogers, Robbie McAlister, and Robert Grant connects with leaders and congregations involved in innovative missional engagement.

The Green Squad of David Waganer, Chris Reinolds, and George Bullard focuses on capacity building and planning for the future of the churches-in-association. They also provide guidance for the Thriving Congregations Team of about a dozen pastors who lead processes for ReThriving and UnThriving Congregations who want to transform for a new future.

The Purple Squad of Robbie McAlister, Ryan Dupree, and George Bullard focus on a strategy for 30 New Congregational Expressions by 2030. Their current work involves up to seven new congregational expressions joining CMBA or launching as new congregational expressions during 2021.

A key sense among the CMBA Team Huddle is that we see many open doors where God is at work in and through our churches-in-association. We want to share this joy with you.

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Kyndra Bremer