A Great, Simple, Inexpensive Online Giving Choice

Our Baptist Foundation of South Carolina is offering a very inexpensive way for churches to receiving online tithes and offerings. This is a great service and beats typical market prices. To request to connect with this service go to http://baptistfoundationsc.org/churchgive/

Yesterday George Bullard had a conversation with Nathan McCarthy, president, and Jacque Wenger, director of development about this new service. Listen to this conversation at https://www.uberconference.com/getmp3/AMIfv97SYDbxK0uqI46HEUdlaNVw0nyWpg58sBaTC484vlY_0hpdRORv8dCQXmmQfQ2i8dahSrV_CG0I_7H2fuwAc56Fuue7z1VFPpwYryW2JdyoqYkcMfwi_C1NdgVf2C2q-V8aO44ioUKC9Dn1h-T3v6cjfN0SEQ.mp3

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