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Insight 085: FaithSoaring Churches Contribute Significantly to the Lives of Others

Congregations who transform do not just focus on doing good works. They do something that contributes significantly to the lives of others. They do not rejoice in contributing a certain amount of money to missional projects, or serving a certain number of people with food, clothes, and other commodities. Instead they rejoice in the people–by […]

Is It Discipleship, Stewardship, Generosity, or Fundraising?

The best answer is “yes!” It is about all of these.  What is “it?” Here it means the short-term and long-term efforts—thus the continual, ongoing historic efforts—of Christianity to provide for Christ followers the opportunity to invest in the mission of God. For many years discipleship, stewardship, and generosity have been emphasized in various ways […]

Insight 084: FaithSoaring Churches Use a Ready, Shoot Aim Approach

Start transformation by getting the congregation in motion implementing change that does not require major approval, finances, or new leadership. Do not wait for some macro approval to engage in micro transitions and changes. Incrementally innovate for greater faithfulness and effectiveness. It really is more difficult for people to respond positively to the leadership of […]

Insight 083: FaithSoaring Churches Visit Congregations Who Transformed in Response to Crisis

Inspire congregational transformation by visiting other congregations who have successfully engaged in significant changes during the past three to five years. The characteristics and demographics of these congregations should be as like your congregation as feasible, so the comparison of opportunities has credibility. This is where you could visit congregations who changed in response to […]

Insight 082: FaithSoaring Churches Identify the Gap Between Mediocrity and Excellence

A starting point for congregational transformation is to engage in an in-depth assessment of the congregation using various research methods. If you have a congregation of tacticians, this may work. Show them the gap between where the congregation is and where it could be. Do some historical research to demonstrate that the congregation once did […]

Insight 081: FaithSoaring Churches Raise Expectations

Transform your congregation by seeking to raise the expectations of what characterizes a significant, excellent congregation. Then inspire and invite congregational leaders to pursue this benchmark. Too many congregations are focused on low or acceptable expectations. This is not a focus that transforms. Help congregations reach their full Kingdom potential or empower congregations to be […]

Insight 080: FaithSoaring Churches Engage in Intentional Efforts to Deepen Community

As new people come into a congregation and as longer-tenured people transition out, the fellowship and sense of community in a congregation shifts. Many people know fewer people as true friends. The natural creation of small groups and clichés occur; often without any intentionality. Smart congregations engage in intentional efforts to deepen true community within […]

Insight 079: FaithSoaring Churches Die with Dignity and a Legacy

Some congregations cannot transform in their current form. The resistance to transition and change is too strong. The resources for transformation are missing. The number of leaders with energy for a new direction is small. Only the direct, dramatic, divine intervention of God can turn the congregation around. Such congregations need to consider dying with […]

Insight 078: FaithSoaring Churches Learn from Congregations Who Recently Transformed

Congregations who need to transform can experience how other congregations have transformed. The ones they need to seek are those who are a little larger, of a compatible denominational culture, with a congruent theology of leadership, in a similar type of context, and who have gone through a transformation process in recent years. This is […]