Captured By Vision Insight 100 By George Bullard

Vision is more about transformation of the prodigals than honoring the elders among us.

Congregational vision is more about creating a congregation not only in tune with God’s leadership, but with a structure and style that will connect with the next generation of leaders. With deep and abiding appreciation for the older people in a congregation, we must realize vision is more about captivating the imagination of the younger generations.

Some younger generation people are prodigals in the sense that they may still be going through their 20-somethings spiritual wanderings. Reconnecting with church is still a future agenda for them. In many cases, it is this Millennial generation who are the crucial clients for the new congregational vision. They want to be part of a cause that both speaks to their need for community while simultaneously changing the world.

If the older generations cannot let go enough, then they may kill vision. If they refuse to let God’s new empowering vision for the emerging generations develop, they will eventually kill the congregation.

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