Captured By Vision Insight 095 By George Bullard

When vision wanes in congregations they can become angry at God for forsaking them, when they may actually have forsaken God.

Congregational vision does not move forward on auto-pilot. Congregational participants must believe in the vision sufficiently to be part of God’s empowering force. When vision wanes within a congregation, then it is not being cast assertively, movement toward its fulfillment is not a high enough priority within the congregation, or the congregation has become distracted and lost its focus. Vision killers love to distract their congregation.

God does not forsake God’s empowering vision for a congregation. Congregations forsake God’s empowering vision. Anger is never a great response. Perhaps as close as a congregation ought to come to anger would be the concept known as “righteous indignation.”

During the second and following generations of a congregation, when vision wanes in less than seven years, congregations need to recalibrate and move forward. When vision wanes at or after seven years, it may be time to go through a season of renewing vision. If a congregation does not renew vision within ten years since its last vision was cast, it is likely to become aging, declining, and perhaps even dysfunctional.

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