Captured By Vision Insight 081 By George Bullard

Living into vision involves congregations increasing their expectations of members and regular attendees.

As congregations live into vision, they often need more lay involvement. If a cultural of vision fulfillment is flourishing in a congregation then an incremental increase of expectations of members and regular attendees will produce an increase in lay involvement.

If a culture of vision fulfillment is not flourishing it will be more difficult to increase lay involvement. The congregation may have gone through the motions of visioning without becoming positively infected by it.

Some congregational leaders are giving in to a low expectation mentality. As I was writing this section, I talked with a church staff person who had decided that engaging teenagers in a service business that brings new money into his congregation was the only way they would fund their vision.

It is difficult in some situations to understand if this is giving into a low expectation of congregational financial support or moving forward to an innovative form of ministry that has multiple benefits. What are your thoughts?

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