Captured By Vision Insight 067 By George Bullard

Living into vision is not about a checklist of tasks, but a map for a scavenger hunt that moves from experience to experience.

Don’t turn vision into a left-brained operational plan focused on tasks. Vision is more a right-brained adventure that feels the presence and leadership of God. It is a journey. It follows its God-given values.

It tells stories. It has meaningful interaction within the fellowship of the congregation, in its community context, or among the demographic groups with whom it ministers. It seeks to do its part to make the world more loving and just.

Many models of long-range and strategic planning have action or operational plans that involve a checklist of actions to be completed. They are about output. They are about management.

Vision is about impact. When a portion of the plan or story is completed then evaluate. Recast the vision and the strategy that supports it. Move forward beyond the initial horizon to new horizons that now can be visualized. This is leadership.

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