Captured By Vision Insight 035 By George Bullard

Any similarity between the typical committee-developed vision statement and true vision is purely accidental.

Committees write statements, create mottos, and too often emulate something they have heard or seen elsewhere. They also confuse vision with mission which is easy to do as the word “mission” has so many meanings and applications.

Committee-developed visions are often words rather than experiences, pictures, or metaphors. The words may represent a negotiated compromise around which everyone feels good. Seldom do the words sharply captivate the passion of many people in the congregation.

Even if well-crafted, a vision statement belongs primarily to the crafters and must be sold to the congregation for there to be any reasonable depth of ownership

Some of the best vision statements are developed by congregational participants as their personal elevator speech to convey the spiritual and strategic direction of the congregation. If their elevator speech is compatible with the general understanding—even the wording—of their congregational vision it is perfect for them to use.

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