Captured By Vision Insight 033 By George Bullard

Casting vision is a forever activity. When does congregational leadership finish casting vision? Never, or vision wanes.

Pastors, staff members, and lay leaders must continually cast vision until it becomes second nature. In casting vision, they are not promoting something to the congregation. They are celebrating a current and emerging characteristic of their congregation.

Casting vision is like spouses telling one another of their mutual love. Making that declaration is never finished and is never trite. Expressing love reminds spouses why they truly love and celebrates their lifelong relationship.

Your members need to be in love with the Triune God, just as the Triune God is in love with all persons. Congregations need to love living into God’s empowering vision for them. They need to continually cast vision and allow it to roll effortlessly off their tongues.

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