Captured By Vision Insight 029 By George Bullard

When pastors do not get vision easily, they may find some true visionaries among their congregation who do get it.

If we can get beyond the false idea that pastors bring vision, and all pastors are visionary leaders, we may be able to address vision from a healthier perspective. Since a key principle is that God is seeking to impart vision to the whole congregation, then many pastors need to listen and discern what God is saying to the congregation.

They need to identify people who are visionaries, then pray, dialogue, and plan with them. A wise pastor does not have to have all the answers but can nurture and benefit from the various spiritual gifts present among people within the congregation.

Wise pastors like Matt Carswell will discover people within their congregation who do understand vision and how it applies in Christian congregations as an organism in motion. The pastor may recruit these people as a team to initiate an envisioning process, and then coach them in their task. This way the pastor is part of the visionary leadership and does not need to feel guilty about struggling with the concept of vision, how to discern it, and how to cast it.

It is a significant dilemma when the senior or solo pastor does not get it about vision, and one or more staff persons, plus some laity do get it. It creates a real crisis in many congregations. This crisis can escalate if the pastor is in denial about vision and opposes approaches for dialogue from staff persons and lay leaders.

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