Captured By Vision Insight 007 By George Bullard

Vision is the super high-octane fuel that drives the spiritual and strategic journey of a congregation.

Vision is not about regular congregational life. It is about high-octane life. High octane life under the leadership of the Triune God is often a faster paced and a more significantly changed life that can lead to congregational transformation.

It is not business as usual. It is about high-performance congregational life. High performance congregational life focuses as much on the quality of what is done as it does the quantity. It focuses on significance as much as it does success.

It is not about seeking common ground. It takes a congregation to higher ground. Congregations who focus on higher ground are concerned not only with making sure the life and ministry of their congregation connects with the common themes that draw their congregation into deeper and more positive community. They also challenge their congregation to soar to places they have never been before. This is higher ground. Common ground is inadequate.

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