Captured By Vision Insight 006 By George Bullard

Moses did not see vision in the burning bush. He experienced it with his whole being and was transformed by it.

Moses had a full body and soul experience as he encountered God in the form of the burning bush. Few have ever had such a dramatic experience through which they were captured by God’s empowering vision.

In the spirit of Jewish theologian Martin Buber, the encounter Moses had with God on Mt. Sinai was an I-Thou experience. But when he sought to recount the experience to the Israelites it transitioned into an I-It experience because it was not their experience. (See Martin Buber, I and Thou, Martino Publishing 2010. First published in German in 1923 and first published in English in 1937.)

I-Thou is when we have a genuine encounter with God. I-It is when we do storytelling that recounts our I-Thou experience. Master storytellers can thrill us with how artfully they share their craft, but it is still a story about something, and not the actual real-time experience.

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