Captured By Vision Insight 004 By George Bullard

Vision is not what leaders cast and followers catch. It is something by which leaders and followers are captured.

Vision is not something where leaders say, “We’ve got to get us one of those.” Then hold a meeting, workshop, or retreat, and conclude with a vision written on newsprint and taped to the wall. Acquiring vision is not an event. It is an experience. Events may set goals, strategies, and tactics. Experiences reveal vision.

Vision is something revealed in a breakthrough experience or when we search for God’s direction for our congregation. We do not catch vision. We are caught by it.

You do not acquire vision passively. It is a full-contact, all hands-on deck, congregational body experience. Anyone and everyone in a congregation can be captured by God’s empowering vision. In the clear majority of cases those who are seriously seeking God’s vision will be the first to be captured by it.

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