Captured By Vision Insight 001 By George Bullard

Vision is a movement of God that is memorable rather than a statement of humankind that is memorized.

Vision is about God’s Holy Spirit moving among us and touching us with inspiration, opening a door for us to walk through, or showing us something that helps us say, “I see it!” It is sensing and feeling the movement of God’s Holy Spirit that allows us to see and focus on God’s future for us with our full heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Vision is not a statement, although it may at some point be expressed in a statement for sharing with others. True vision is seldom experienced first in the form of a statement. Vision is not something we memorize and recite on cue. We do not read it from a book or a worship folder. Vision is more about feeling the earth move under our feet at a James Taylor and Carole King performance than reading the lyrics to the song I Feel the Earth Move.

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