Can You Help Prove Me Wrong? Let Me Know If You Want to Start a New Congregational Expression!

A Request from George Bullard!

During a recent gathering of our Visionary Leadership Community (the group formerly known as the Administrative Team), one community member asked me how many of our almost 100 churches would be interested in starting a new congregational expression. I did not know the answer to that question, but my guess to him was probably no more than 10. He was surprised. Even I was surprised with my answer. I really do not know the answer, and I would like to be proven wrong. Would you help me?

How would you answer this question about your church? Is your church interested in starting a new congregational expression?

These are defined as (1) a new church plant projected to become a self-supporting congregation, (2) a satellite congregation or new campus of your church, (3) an online or virtual campus or congregation, (4) to replant your church by relaunching your church as a new congregation, (5) a new congregational expression such as a new congregation—perhaps even within your church—who reaches a significantly different target group (racial, ethnic, non-English language, different socio-economic and/or lifestyle group) than your current church, (6) a micro-congregational expression such as a house church, dinner church, or congregation within a multi-housing complex, and/or (7) some other type of congregational expression not mentioned here.

I really would like for you to prove me wrong by filling out the short survey at

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