Insight 044: FaithSoaring Churches Change the Way They Count Attendance

It is important to regularly measure the active involvement of a congregation to know when progress is being made. However, counting the average attendance at worship each week may no longer be the best indicator. FaithSoaring Churches make several changes in the way they count. First, they continue counting the average weekly attendance. Second, they […]

Insight 042: FaithSoaring Churches Engage in Authentic Evangelism

The longer a congregation has been in existence, the older the average member, the longer the average member has been a professing Christian, the longer the average tenure of membership/connection with their congregation, the less the evangelism activities that are occurring in and through the congregation. Part of transformation is for a congregation to figure […]

Insight 037: FaithSoaring Churches Eliminate Pain Rather Than Just Alleviate Pain

It is not possible to become a FaithSoaring Church by shallow alleviation of pain rather than in-depth elimination of pain. Here are two applications. First, when congregations engage in ministry, it is not enough to simply provide food for the poor and thus alleviate their hunger. They must also seek to eliminate the circumstances that […]