Insight 019: FaithSoaring Churches Clearly Distinguish Between What is of Christ and What is of Culture

It is a mistake to assume that everything a Christian congregation does is Christ-centered and faith-based. This is especially true for congregations who have waned in their clarity of and commitment to a God-breathed vision. These congregations often confuse Christ and culture—what is of God and what is of society and government. As a result, […]

Insight 018: FaithSoaring Churches Treat Transformation as a Journey and Not a Destination

Congregational transformation is a journey and not a destination. God’s world is a dynamic world that is ever changing and always transitioning. Incremental transitions happen daily. Technical adjustments are needed continuously. Adaptive changes are required regularly. The big lie about transforming congregations is that congregations can ever speak of being transformed. They cannot. They must […]

Insights 017: FaithSoaring Churches Encourage Relationships That are True Friendships

Transforming congregations must clearly encourage and demonstrate two types of relationships that produce true friendships. First, there must be an obvious and sincere dimension of relationships within the congregational fellowship. People must love and like one another in a way that creates and sustains Christian community. Second, there must be an obvious and sincere dimension […]

Insight 015: FaithSoaring Churches Renew Their Core While Extending Their Ministry

Congregations are often very caring for those in need near them and throughout the world. They understand the need to extend the ministry of their congregation to hurting people, and engage in acts of Christian kindness. Yet they have a disconnect between going around doing well, and specifically engaging people in disciplemaking processes. They do […]

Insight 013: FaithSoaring Churches Embrace Their Age Demographics as a Beginning Point

The longer a congregation is in existence the greater the tendency for the average age in the congregation to be older. Few congregations incrementally adjust their strategy and style to continually reach the next generations. The clear majority create a gap between their patterns of doing church, and the patterns of church sought by the […]

Insight 012: FaithSoaring Churches are Flavored by Deep Relationships

Three relationships are of great importance in congregations seeking to transform. First is a deepening spiritual relationship with the Triune God through personal and community worship. Second is a deepening relationship within the community of believers. Third is an active relationship with the people of the context where the congregation serves. This can be a […]