CMBA Family – Are you ready? Is your church ready? 

We are heading into a new season. No, I’m not talking about a season with a new CMBA director. I’m talking about summer coming to an end and fall beginning. I know, I know, we still have at least one more month of summer temperatures in our area. But with the coming of Labor Day people begin to mentally shift to fall, and this is important for our churches to prepare for.

Looking back throughout my ministry experiences I can think of a couple of seasons when new guests often come to church services. Most of our minds probably shift to the Sundays surrounding Christmas and Easter, and rightfully so – those are two of the biggest Sundays of the church year for high attendance. Other denominations experience boons because of the nature of their church calendars. As Baptists, one of the biggest Sunday opportunities we can experience is the Sunday after Labor Day.

Something happens to people’s mindsets after Labor Day. For most, the holiday marks the unofficial end of summer. People naturally get into mental rhythms and Labor Day can cause one of them. For those who may not have been a regular church attender in the past, the Sunday after Labor Day can be a day that causes them to consider going to church. Some of them might even try it for the very first time.

For those who are not followers of Jesus and coming out of a summer season where they were hoping to discover and experience real life for the very first time, may be disappointed to find that they are still hopeless even after a fun-filled summer. Other people have their hearts primed for someone to invite them to church and maybe, just maybe, this start of a new season might be reason enough for them to try it out.

We all have something working with us and for us. Actually, it’s not a “something” it’s a “Someone.” Jesus said, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” (John 6:44) As you and I pray over our friends and family who don’t know Jesus and consider inviting them to attend a worship service with us, we can be confident that God desires to bring them life infinitely more than we desire to see them find life through Him.

God has been drawing many of them through their continual sense of hopelessness. He’s pulling them through these feelings to find that eternal hope. The week after Labor Day might be a time where they are more open to taking a step toward finding this life that we all have experienced through Jesus. Are you ready to invite them? Is your church ready to welcome them? Now’s the time to prepare.

Fall has always been a harvest season. I’m praying for you all as we move into THE harvest season. May God grant us to see a gigantic harvest of souls come into His Kingdom as we share that hope with those around us.

Jamie Rogers
CMBA Executive Director

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