An Endorsement of Captured By Vision — a Book by George Bullard

Today I received an amazing unsolicited endorsement of my latest book today–I must share–from a pastor in Michigan who is leading his church in a study of this book.

Here is what Dan Wilkinson said: “Captured by Vision is by far one of the best books I’ve read in my entire 32 years of pastoring. BUT I wish it had been around 32 years ago or even during seminary. Our weekly discussion tonight is chapter 8. Why had I never heard that the first generation of a church was 21 years and the church should take a look at adjusting it’s vision? I looked back over my current church’s history and realized that in my second year here (1998), our first generation was complete. And then, using the every 7 years principle, we should have recast twice since then. So we should be due for a recast in 2019…or sooner, actually, since we’re way over due. Plus, I realize NOW why there has been such a contentious stream running through the church in years past–they’d been trying to function off a vision from 20+ years before!”

Thank you, Dan!

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